Saturday, June 15, 2013

Previously not posted (Drafts continued)


Grace and I stood outside the gate of our apartment complex and looked down the street less than 100 yards away at the intersection. "What could you call that?" I pointed down at the lights.
"Crossroads" she answered as if to read my mind.
"That is where you are right now at this point in your life. We are about this far away from the crossroads. You are not alone, your dad and me, we are with you. And the Lord is with you."
Grace shock her head in agreement. I will hold off on this point until we draw closer to that crossroads.
(written in December of 2006 in Gainesville, FL  I have a vivid memory of that day and part of me wanted to just leave this draft in the "drafts." Fear, faith, reality of life speeding on down the road and not wanting to be one of those parents who cling and attempt to put the breaks on life and make their children remain children. Even now, as much as I do my best to treat them as the adults that they are, I fall into the trap of mirroring my own parents at times and that is SO painful. Dan and I have been graced by God to do it very differently than our parents did in raising our own. We would send Grace off 7 months after I wrote this post and never returned to finish it. And before we sent her off we moved to Charlottesville, VA which would have been move #11 since 2003. And since then all 3 of our children have walked through their own crossroads.)

Book idea while reading Angie's blog June 9th post:
An author encounters a young lady who checks out her books regularly, it is such an honor to have a great influence on a younger generation. (June 10, 2007 I just went back to Angie's blog, Angela Hunt that is, an author that we truly enjoy. Katie introduced us to Angie's work years ago. When we lived in Florida Katie, Grace and Dan got to meet her at a Florida library I believe. So in Angie's post she mentioned a website and I still like the idea. Whether or not, I would write the story is yet to be seen.)

So, we are at it again. The other day I received a phone call and the person on the other end said, "so what are the Mullaneys up to today?" I said packing and the person said for what? I said, we are moving. This individual is not really aware of how we live and was sorry for interrupting but I put his (June 2007...stopped in the middle of the sentence probably needing to attend to the logistics that go along with moving.)

When I was her age . . . .

(this was August 2007 and I could have been thinking of Grace or Katie since they both have August birthdays and those are around the corner.)


"Don't like the weathah, just wait a minute"

or at least 24 hours. This is just one of those sayings that is truly in New England.

 (October 2007 we returned to Massachusetts there was a bit of Indian summer that first week and then a 30-35 degree temperature drop. It is amazing that we have been back in the Commonwealth nearly 6 years.)


Back in Massachusetts
It is good to be back and I say that in all sincerity. Returning to New England for the winter, snow, wind and cold are a part of the package. It is refreshing to be able to experience the seasons again. (December 2007 and I meant every word.)


Jigsaws are also something I enjoy. We usually do one when my mother comes to visit us. At the moment life has been on a bit of fast forward, we now live fairly close to my parents but their hasn't been a chance to visit. I was hoping to do one that my dad gave me. It was the one he did the day I was born, back in the day when dads waited outside of the delivery room. I would like to do it sometime in 2008. (It was not until December 2010 that we actually sat down and did the puzzle when we were snowed in with all the kids home. The puzzle is round and a computer theme. You can see the binary number along the outer edge - the circumference .) 

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