Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"The Most important part of the paper is the funnies."

That is what I tell my kids anyway. It has been my desire to blog everyday and to have oddles of readers, but alas 2 years of desire have not produced the desired results. Commitment. I need to make a commitment to myself. Before we go any further I must share another.

Lio is one of the more twisted comics found in the Boston Herald. The one above is kind of tame. I don't always like it but sometimes it makes me laugh out loud.

I also like the ones that magnify the stupidity of the general population, like in The Duplex. My other favorites are "Close to Home" and "Bounded & Gagged."

The world is going crazy well at least the USA, just pick up the paper and check out the Presidential race. If we don't maintain our sense of humor and keep our priorities straight we may end up going insane ourselves.

Lastly, these are the kind that make me smile and remind me about the important things.

There are so many ideas I want to write about and now I need to go and decide if this is truly something I need to commit to at this stage of the game. Funnies may be the most important part of the paper, puzzles and the obituary run a close second and third.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TEAM 10 Initiation
As many of my readers know our family has been involved in NCFCA ( a competitive speech and debate league for students educated at home since 2004. The first 3 seasons we spent competing in the Southeast (Region 8) and resided in Florida. This past fall we moved to MA (a place we are somewhat familiar with ;-) and we are now competing in Region 10 with a great gang some natives, like ourselves and some wonderful transplants. Last week we experienced our first tournament in the Northeast and it was an experience.
Before moving here there was a strong desire to return to Region 8 but as our kids know we stay open to what the Lord would have us do that included where we will live in any given season. So Katie and Michael have gone with the flow as their sister Grace has gone over the big pond.(that is a whole other blog) We have all made new friends and renewed some old ones.

Now it is not hard to imagine being on an adventure in the home land and it is a fantastic way to be baptized into the pool from which you were originally born. Day 2 of the S.U.N. Tournament it snowed all day and we lost very few community judges and I didn't hear of any competitors or parents being involved in fendah-bendahs. To say I was excited to be at my first tournament in the snow would probably be an understatement. There is a whole different flavor to this Region and we are grateful to be welcomed in with open arms. THANKS TEAM 10!
Working hard is good for the parents as well as the competitors. Those who work hard together also know how to have fun and "initiate in the new kids on the block." The Mullaneys are feelin' the Love.
Pax Vobiscum,