Saturday, April 21, 2007

Movies that make you want to write
We just watched a movie together as a family called Stranger than Fiction
This movie made me want to get back to my book. Truth be told I can't remember if it is on a thumb drive or in one of the computers in my house (none of which belong to me. however, the one I am writing on is kind of mine because possession is 9/10ths of the law). I have a hard copy of the rough draft which I wrote during the month of November. I love my characters and the story but I need to read it and really decide is it worth working through and submitting it for publication.
The movie inspired me and I want to watch it again. It is definitely one of those movies you could watch alone. For now I must retire and return to writing not only here in blogsphere but in order to create a larger work.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 19th ought to be a Federal Holiday
Today was the day that a shot rang out on the Lexington Green. The timeline
of that fateful day actually began the day before. Most Americans know at least of the story of Paul Revere's ride "one if by land, two if by sea" and "the British are coming." Yet, only the commonwealth of Massachusetts and the state of Maine actually acknowledge this holiday. This day was the birthing pains of a country about to be born. Our forefathers labored for 14 months before declaring independence from England.
The day is nearly over and I am grateful to have been raised with the Boston Marathon, the Red Sox and the rememberance of the Patriots who valued freedom more highly than there very lives.
To continue your own history lesson go to the real story about Paul Revere.
(still a Bostonian at heart)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Simple truth
Sometimes the simple truth is worth revisiting even if it wasn't that long ago that I posted about forgiveness. In my last post I wrote about how Christians (those who are called ministers of reconciliation) when told that their brother or sister is sorry or even ask for forgiveness directly, respond with "it's OK" and I am not the only one who thinks that. Author Paul Tripp says in his book War of Words,
Scripture is clear that it makes no sense to rejoice in the amazing forgiveness we have received in Christ if we refuse to forgive others (see Matt. 18:21-35). Scripture is clear that committing myself to forgive means being willing to do it over and over again . . . .God's Word stresses that forgiveness should not be taken for granted, but that we must speak unmistakable words of forgiveness to one another. Our model of forgiveness is the Lord, who does not assume that we will understand that he has forgiven us. He declares it over and over again in his Word. Relational forgiveness always means speaking words of forgiveness to the offender.
It is not helpful to say, "That's okay," or "It's no problem" to a person who has been convicted of sin by the Holy Spirit and has come to seek forgiveness. The Lord already has convinced the person that what he did was not okay. He needs the gift of forgiveness from you to put his heart at rest. In this situation, we need to say, "I forgive you and I have already committed myself never to bring up this issue to myself, to you or to others." These words do two things: they block the work of the enemy and they promote the work of sanctification and reconciliation that the Holy Spirit has already begun.

So, I have been sitting with this another truth concerning forgiveness for almost 24 hours. It was humbling. I have to be willing to accept when a brother or sister refuses to forgive me or ignores my attempts at making things right. The proper response is for me to forgive but I can't say, I forgive you for not forgiving me. Instead, I need to pray and let it all go. If I have put myself out there, named my sin, asked for forgiveness, then there is not one thing I can do to make someone else forgive me. It is now between them and God. Mine is to be loving toward that individual and to be ready if at a later date they decide to forgive because I will get to rejoice in the freedom that they experience.
To know the truth and not feel compelled to go and let the other person know what I have discovered is also a freedom. To sit with the truth is comforting and convicting. To rejoice in the truth is loving. I am being shaped and molded by relationships and experiences in this life. The Word of God reveals and restates the truth about forgiveness over and over again. The Good News is Jesus shed his blood for the forgiveness of sins.
I no longer have a right to myself, I have been bought with a price and I can take anything from anyone because I belong to my Savior Jesus Christ and it is in Him that I find my refuge and my strength.
Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Journeying on in Faith
While at the North Carolina Regional Qualifying Tournament with Michael we past the 4 year anniversary of taking to the road. Each of us (human beings) are on the pilgrim highway whether we live in the same place all of our lives or live all over. Our zip code has changed 10 times but our area code has stayed the same thanks to cell phones. The people we have met along the way so far have enriched our lives.
The road looks differently than we expected it to look. We have seen much of Interstate 95 on the eastern seaboard of the US and we have seen even more of I-75 especially between Gainesville FL and Naples FL than we could have imagined. In fact, one of my children said we are pretty much Florenglanders (that would be a cross between Floridian and New Englander). It has been a blessing to be adopted by so many in the Sunshine State. One of the first friends we made in SW Florida (the McGuire clan) stopped by here on their way home from the panhandle this weekend. These dear brothers and sisters in Christ, indeed made us feel like family in Ft. Myers, FL. Many who read this on a regular or irregular basis have made us feel at home here as well.
No matter where we go, the Spirit of the Lord is alive and well. God's family is dynamic, rich and alive in spite of what might be called the watered down feel good American gospel. We can say with Paul, "whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed and in this I will rejoice." Ours is to rejoice!!!
Initially, we set out with a two-fold purpose. First, to solidify the relationships in our family and second, to see as much of the country with our children while they were still with us. With deep gratitude I can say, the first purpose is being accomplished. The second has been directed differently and we would not change a thing. Mullaneys make their plans but the Lord orders our steps.
Now, we face the crossroads as we prepare to launch the first arrow from our quiver. Grace will be going on tour as a CFC (Communicators for Christ) intern. Yes, it is for a set amount of time but just like we have no idea where we as a family will be living come the end of June. We do not know what Grace will be doing come the end of her tour season. We have some ideas but like everyone else in the US there are only 2 sure bets: death and taxes. It is time to seek God's face and we are looking for His lead once again. Throughout our pilgrimage we have looked to the Lord and His will and each time he has ordered our steps. He is faithful and trustworthy. God our Heavenly Father will guide us and guard us along the way.
Pax Vobiscum,