Thursday, December 31, 2009

The waning hours of 2009 are here.

My husband is working.
My oldest is singing and playing the piano...delighting me.
My youngest is here but I am not sure what he is up to, I don't want to interrupt Grace. My guess either on the computer communicating or he may be reading, thinking or writing.
My red girl is in the Midwest surrounded by more loved ones.
Of course, I am here at the kitchen table blogging on my MacBook.

The pilgrimage continues as we are living in our third residence of 2009 and into 2010 for the mean time.

Life is worth living.
Friends are worth keeping.
Family is worth loving.

Another year for the history book........until next year.

Remember.....and remind one another of who you are. A created one who is meant to love and be loved.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blog = Web log or Online Journal

I don't write on this blog as often as I would like. In fact, it got me to thinking that my not writing here has possibly affected my not writing in a paper journal. Writing is really therapeutic for me. Journaling is something that I am really missing right now. It is usually VERY personal.

My children's generation could be called the "all access generation." Some think that any information that they want about anyone should be accessible to them. Mystery, secrets and personal information is being invaded by this portal that I write for now, the almighty internet. (small "a" and small "i" because I am one of those people who believes that GOD is The Almighty One) There is stocking on Facebook and googling your neighbor or co-worker. Anything I write or post here in cyberspace is in today's public square.

Perhaps I am afraid that my paper journal might end up in the wrong hands and fed to said portal. Sounds paranoid but not far fetched, not in the 21st century USofA. With all this access, my freedom of expression doesn't seem so free or at least, I am not feeling free to express myself. On the other hand, there is the ability to reach so many more people at one time than ever before, but that is not the point of this blog post.

It is my desire to be honest and transparent as I can on this blog. Not looking to bring harm upon myself or others but there are times when writing that the feeling of vulnerability comes over me and I have to hit the delete button. It is usually something that would fit perfectly into a paper journal because it was beneficial to write. Deleting it robbed me of being able to go back, read and reflect. There it is: time to reflect, time to contemplate, not on the "focus on your naval" kind but the kind that allows one to let go of trashy thinking littered with lies and become open to the truth that flows from above.

Recently, my daughter made me aware of an article entitled, "Is Google making us stupid?" by Nicholas Carr from The Atlantic Monthly July/August 2008. In it Carr says,
"In Google’s world, the world we enter when we go online, there’s little place for the fuzziness of contemplation."
There is no time to digest what you are reading or even writing. At times it seems like we just need to go, go, go, gather, gather, gather info, get to the next link, the next site, the next blog I am following, respond to that email, write a blog post, update my status on Facebook. My time here on this chair has grown and at times robs me of picking up my pen. However, I did pause to write a friend a Christmas card while writing this post.
Pens and paper are still an everyday part of my life, I just want to pick up the pen more often in order to become a better person, a better wife and mother, a better friend and of course, a better writer.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sun Catcher
This is a winter post from a wintery place and who would have guessed that I would be sun catching in December on the top of a hill.
The eastern sky showed a hint of purple announcing the coming of the sun. There were only moments to bundle up if I were to make it for the magical moment. Hurrying out to the snow covered drive way I stood shouting "Glory!" When the dawn broke I closed my eyes took a deep breath and behold I had been kissed by the sun. Removing the snow from the van I felt bathed in hugs and kisses of the newly risen sun. I couldn't stop smiling. The joy I felt being in the first light of day is not quite like anything else I have experienced in this life.
The vista from my current home is an unexpected gift. Picture perfect. A work of art. The sunrise never looks the same way twice. It is almost too sacred to photograph and too glorious to be the back drop of any shot.
Millions of fingers reach to the sky from the barren winter trees and all at once they cried out "Cover me" and the new fallen snow answered.

This post is dedicated to two friends, Becky for telling me that I have been kissed and hugged by the sun and to Gail for offering me the view.

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Village Market, Now open for business

Serving the people of Wellesley and Newton Lower Falls, The Village Market, formerly Convenient Mart, has finally re-opened after being closed for 2 years. The local community felt like there was a hole in their neighborhood. I had the privilege of receiving hugs, applause and many exclamations, “we are SO glad your back!” “You don’t know how MUCH we have missed you.” “You are a God sent.” And my response has been equally affirming. “Thank you. We are glad to be back.” Some customers have said, “How long has it been a year?” Then I tell them 2 years and of course others seem to think it has been 3 because they have missed it THAT much.

This store, The Village Market is my brother-in-law Barry’s. Dan has 2 other brothers who have stores in Quincy and Dedham. Michael and I continue to work in Dedham once a week and now I am working part time for Barry as well. These men grew up in their dad’s stores. Everyone in the family has worked in one store or another.

It is exciting to be a part of something that was in some ways dead and has been resurrected to new life. The building was gutted and the store that for 40 years was my father in law’s and is now Barry’s is just in the next door over from where it was all those years. Everything in the store is new. The local residents and business people are grateful and excited and for some relieved to have the store back in the neighborhood. In these hard economic times it is wonderful to see people react with gratitude and rejoicing over a small business owner.

Please stop in and see us.

The Village Market

9 Washington St. Wellesley, MA

Open Daily 6AM to 11PM