Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Time, A Wedding and A Road Trip

(Be forewarned grammar nazis: This blog post will be raw, meaning that I probably will not correct any mistakes because I just need to write. If you do want to correct me (God knows I need it! and why the grammar police have not come after me in the comment section prior, I suppose I will never know) please send me an email and perhaps I will edit it some day.)

I have been very lacks in writing on this blog regularly.  There are no excuses. I am living life. The changes in my life are rapid. When our children were 3 children under age 5, I would often hear, "You must be a busy mom." It is challenging to document what is happening. My times of reflection have been spent in prayer and sometimes a letter or a few lines in a journal. I have started 2 different posts about Grace and Austin's wedding but I was not satisfied with either of them. Indeed I do love to write and it is high time that I love it enough to really give myself to it.

This summer we had our dear Katie home for the summer. Her first summer home since we lived in Gainesville, Florida in 2006. It was a delight to have our Red Girl here with us. And for the first time in her whole life she got to have her parents all to herself as Michael was at L'abri for 6 weeks this summer. She did miss him but survived being with us. Katie helped with painting projects and getting ready for the arrival of the bride and groom to be in our very new home.   My dear K mostly extended love and kindness toward me as I anticipated having all 3 of my children under one roof knowing that soon all three would be gone by the end of August.

The wedding week made our house a home with people coming and coming and then the day came for our little greek girl, Grace to become Austin's wife. It was a simple wedding where these two dear young people pledged themselves to one another in the site of God and witnesses. During the ceremony the bride's family sees the face of the groom and the groom's family sees the face of the bride. My dear friend Mary said, that is so that you can look upon the face of the one who you will welcome into your family. Tears of joy and wonder streamed down my son-in-law's face brought tears to my own eyes as I embraced him in my heart knowing how much Grace loves him and anticipates spending the rest of her days with him.  (perhaps one of my other wedding blog posts will eventually surface ;)

Less than three weeks later, Michael would pack up my car with his possessions leaving room for our suitcases and overnight bags. He has been packing cars since he was 10 and he knows what needs to go where. Our destination was Wheaton, Illinois just outside of Chicago.  Michael is at Wheaton College studying Philosophy and majoring in growing into a man of God. He has not come right out and said that's his major. These are my words as a witness to his young life.  Now the transition in the physical sense is complete. Three children raised up to be adults. WOW.  What a mighty God we serve.  The chapter has been closed. I went out with joy. The joy of knowing that our son walks in the truth.   Sure there were tears throughout August bittersweet tears happy for my children and sadness over a season, mostly sweet coming to a close.  Imperfect parents raising equally imperfect children in the Shadow of The Almighty: our joy, our strength, the salvation of our souls, the Trustworthy and Perfect Father presiding over us all.  This was the road trip where Michael would not be returning home with me.  Our last eaglet being launched and looking forward to seeing him soar with the wind beneath his wings just outside The Windy City.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Couple of Older Birds in a New Nest

So today is Day 4 of what people call "The empty nest" and I have been meaning to post. Anyway, I thought that I would share my son's post. He is the last to the leave the nest where the old birds remain. Just click on "Do I dare?" on the side bar to read his latest post. You will be glad you did. I must say that I am proud to be this man mother. Hoping to write more soon.