Saturday, August 28, 2004

Virginia Beach, VA 2004
The unpacking is almost finished after a very long week. Tuesday, we did get into our apartment and I won't even bother to go into the rest of our glitches......anyone out there watch the Olympic hurdles?....that was the Mullaneys just after we thought we had got over the last hurdle another one was in our path. (No one said that this traveling business was going to
be easy :-)
All 5 of us really like VB. We have already seen a couple of friends that we made the last time we were here. Who knows? perhaps we may end up back here. It is good to be here and Dan is working days and coming home with more humorous stories from Maryview Hospital. Time will fly here so I best get to bed. Perhaps I will make sunrise down at the Oceanfront tomorrow.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

The James Madison Hotel
a Clarion Hotel in Norfolk, VA
Again we have yet to find any routine in our travels - it is always an adventure. We arrived in Norfolk at 9:30pm Friday (August 20th) night. Thursday afternoon we found out that our apartment would not be ready until Tuesday. Oops!
Sine we were all set to roll out of Tilghman for Friday - RN Network would be putting us up in a hotel from Fri - Tues.
Our housing person mistakenly booked us at a place that didn't allow pets. So at 945pm we started making phone calls. God seems to always be upgrading us to compensate for our "troubles." (I put that in quotes because I know that life usually doesn't go as planned and compared to some troubles, our are just mere inconveniences.) At 1130pm we checked in and hit the hay.
We are staying at The James Madison in historic downtown Norfolk. Originally built in 1906 as The Lynnhaven Hotel, Norfolk's first high-rise with a "lift." It is a little tight in the room but we will, as usual, make the best of it. (Katie came across a great quote, "Flexible people never get bent out of shape.") Michael camps out on the floor and we generally are able to manage our living quarters with a big dose of humor.
I must say that I was a little bummed about having to go to a hotel this time since we only had just over 200 miles to travel. Today, is Katie's 13th birthday and we got another upgrade this afternoon being moved into an even bigger room with 2 w.c. (bathrooms ie water closets) and not tripping over the dog and one another constantly. Thank God for these blessings.
Yesterday, we did have the opportunity to drop off our boxes to our new apartment and we look forward to getting in on Tuesday. Our children are truly fellow pilgrims.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Leaving Our Mark
Maryland like other places we live do things within the county. Talbot County is the one we have been living in for the last 3 months. Like each place we have gone, we search out the area for the Library. Talbot Free Library has 3 branches one on Tilghman Island, one in Easton and one in St. Michaels.
St. Michaels' library has been temporarily housed at the old fire station down by the harbor. The friends of the library were helping raise funds for the new building by having patrons be able to buy bricks to be laid in the courtyard. At first we were thinking about doing just one big brick for our family. Then Dan and I got to thinking about doing a brick for each of the kids and not telling them. The library is nearly finished and the construction guys let us bring the kids onto the site today. We will be leaving before the grand opening at the end of the month. So, our children have a permanent mark left here. Each of their bricks have their name, the chapter and verse of the scripture we use for each of their blessings and the words "fellow pilgrim." It was something fun to do, surprise the kids with and at the same time give to the community. Hopefully we have left the mark of Christ in this place as well upon the people we have encountered here.
Moving on
Just a few odds and ends to pack up. Most of the cleaning done. Mullaneys will be pulling out of Tilghman, Maryland on Friday. The children have been more and more helpful with each move. Right now they are next door at Maria and Kevin's taking a much needed break in the pool.
Yesterday, I had a great visit with Maria. It was just what the doctor ordered. I believe that our conversation was a divine appointment and it is so helpful when people are just straight forward and honest about life. I am just sorry that I didn't spend more time with Maria. She is a real sweetheart. A new friendship begun and we will stay in touch. Time to chill out and get ready for bed. Good night.

Monday, August 16, 2004

On August 11th I wrote the following: (I realized that what we experienced is practically nothing to what our friends and relatives in southwest FL are experiencing now)
I am sitting here in the dark. It is Grace's 15th birthday and we had one doozie of a storm that has left us without power. My laptop has a battery so I am using it. Everyone including Dan has gone to bed. The children are bunking out in Grace's room. We will be leaving here in just over a week. The packing is coming along.
'we just returned from York, PA where we visited with my cousins, aunt and uncle. It was good to be with them. We really did enjoy fun, food and fellowship and fireworks. Shelley even had fireworks for us the first night we were there. Aren't we special?!!
I think I will hit the hay too. I will write more later after changing my address with different folks and packing some more oh, and finishing the birthday shopping for Katie.
BTW I am not old enough to have a 15 year old, right?
Dan celebrated his 41st bday in PA, today Grace and Katie will be on the 22nd.

Monday, August 02, 2004

The City of Brotherly love!! Well, I failed to mention that when my mum was here, Dan and I went to Philadelphia for a couple of days. As we approached I was like a little kid (only behind the wheel - Dan hates to drive in the city and he is not fond of being a passenger either), the sun was setting as we neared the Ben Franklin Bridge with the cityscape in the background made my heart pound with excitement. I was ooing and ahhing and Dan was saying will you please pay attention to where you are going. It was so good to be in a city. There is a certain humm to a city. It was very relaxing. Nice to just be together. While we were away, the children took very good care of Nana.
We did visit the historic district which now is equipped with its post 9/11 security. I really look forward to taking the children there some day.
Time to get packing.