Saturday, August 28, 2004

Virginia Beach, VA 2004
The unpacking is almost finished after a very long week. Tuesday, we did get into our apartment and I won't even bother to go into the rest of our glitches......anyone out there watch the Olympic hurdles?....that was the Mullaneys just after we thought we had got over the last hurdle another one was in our path. (No one said that this traveling business was going to
be easy :-)
All 5 of us really like VB. We have already seen a couple of friends that we made the last time we were here. Who knows? perhaps we may end up back here. It is good to be here and Dan is working days and coming home with more humorous stories from Maryview Hospital. Time will fly here so I best get to bed. Perhaps I will make sunrise down at the Oceanfront tomorrow.

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Gracie said...

Hey Mum!!!
I really do like VA BEACH (the best part being: THE BEACH) Hopefully we'll get to go tomorrow. And ya, I can confirm that our life for the past few weeks has been a living hurdle jump. :-P
Love you!