Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Nauticus with Michael
Yesterday, the Naval Museum, Nauticus celebrated their 25th birthday. Michael and I went down to Norfolk to celebrate. We enjoyed part of our afternoon there and of course we boarded the USS Wisconsin which is a ship in reserves (so she still could be deployed). It is both scary and exciting to me to be here with Michael for a second time (both of us have been 3 times all together - we are planning to return with Dan who has never been before we continue on to FL) He is very interested in the Military. Uncle Paul Dalis (Michael's grand uncle) is a WWII Vet and calls him Capt. Michael. Uncle Paul would like to live to see Michael go to West Point. It will be interesting to see if Michael does serve our country in the Military.
It is nice to be back in Hampton Roads and we are now moved into our apartment.

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Daniel M. said...

hey Catherine. I would be pleased to see my son defending life liberty and justice. I'm grateful to have a wife with such a free spirit that she is willing to trulu trust our father for our future together, You're a delight!