Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The following post is from an older blog of mine, which I am thinking about returning and doing some of that type of reflective writing.
Thinking Out Loud
September 1, 2004
Currently, I am traveling with my family and I do have a travel type blog (catriona.blogspot.com) but I wanted to track my internal journey as well. Not only is this thinking out loud but sharing my heart. A dangerous thing to do here in cyberspace or anywhere for that matter, but I believe that to really live we are to live dangerously. I am doing my best to live by faith and not by sight, to think for myself, not believe every sound bite I hear, to pause, reason, discern and act in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ (not the gospel of American Churchianity).

I meet with The Carpenter each morning. My husband and I educate our children at home and now on the road. We worship with fellow pilgrims and settlers who love Jesus and live for Him. We do our best to serve those that God puts in our path.

It is my goal to write from the heart and reason from a thought-filled perspective.

The link is www.bereal.blogdrive.com and I found that I have written some interesting things there.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Grace of God
So often I hear my fellow believers talk about grace and how they appreciate "this message about grace" or "that pastor is all about grace." Believe me I am grateful for God's grace because my life without it would not amount to much. However, the discussion never really turns to the reason why we are in need of the grace of God.
The easy answer is "we are not perfect" The harsh answer is "we are doomed, sinners, wrong doers." In our sin we will not choose to reach out for salvation through Jesus Christ. DIOT Dead In Our Transgressions. God's grace is the necessary ingredient to bring us into new life and set us on the pilgrim path. I am hearing a renewed cry for repentance from the generation who are coming of age.
I have hope because the young people that I know are not interested in wishy washy Christianity. They are however interested in the Christianity that tipped the whole world on its head 2000 years ago, put the religious leaders of the time on the defensive and the God/Man that conquered sin and death. Jesus is real, loving and just, who is not only the chief cornerstone but also the Master Builder.
I guess this blog is all my readers listening in on me preaching to myself and one of the inspirations came from an interview I watched. Check it out