Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Moving on

This web address has been a constant over the last 10 years. We moved 19 times. Our kids live and go to school in 3 different states over just 2 time zones. Childhood is long gone and I am still trying to adjust to having adult children. I have blind spots when it comes to adjusting to their adulthood. They still need their mother but they don't need mothering. :)

This is so long, fair well. I am linking this blog to my new Disarmed by Love blog. It has been great being here but it is time to move on and hopefully, my transition will be completed soon. 
We are well into this new season of life as a couple again but still adjusting. This past fall we had a lot of time together due to a medical issue of Dan's and a special 25th wedding anniversary trip. 

So my faithful followers, if you are interested in still reading my musings then by all means please join me at my new web address and follow me.