Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 19th, 2009
Today I stopped by to visit my dad while I was in Boston.  We got onto the topic of my brother-in-law Billy's store Endicott Variety which is located in Dedham, MA.  It so happens that the Bank that Billy uses, Dedham Savings Bank use to be Norfolk Savings and Trust the very location that my dad worked at back in the early 60's.  
The story he told was one of his advancing from assistant manager to manager but the theme to this particular story was the delight my dad took in the work.  I will do my best  to recount it to you perhaps I can get him to read it and he could help me with anything I missed.  
Back in those days the bank was using an accounting system, IBM 403 (I believe).  My dad was given the opportunity to upgrade the entire system to the 407.  The program(software) had to work on the incoming system(hardware).  It is my understanding that my dad worked on the program and was able to go into the Boston IBM office to test out the program before the system arrived (My dad said he is pretty sure you can't do that anymore).  the conversion took about a 1/4 (3 months) to complete.
One of the VPs kept a close eye on overtime paid each quarter.  My dad's department had $2600 of overtime during the quarter that he did the conversion.   He called my dad looking for an explanation.  "Well," my dad said, "$2400 of that was paid to me."  
"What for?" the boss asked.  
"Converting the accounting system from the 403 to the 407." 
 "Oh yes, how could I forget - a terrific job and someone else in the office said no one could have done a better job."
As a result my dad was promoted to manager with a pay raise.  
There was more to the story and perhaps I left out my dad's favorite part but the most important thing I got out of the story was that my dad loved what he was doing and the fact that I have been working in Dedham and frequenting Dedham Savings Bank which was one of my dad's old haunts, prompted a flood of memories for him.  I am grateful to have been there to listen and my dad enjoyed telling me the story.  
A link to the history of IBM Accounting Machine

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Writing with Pen and Paper

Today, I dropped Katie off at Logan Airport around 8 AM and spent the day in Boston.  I just didn't want to leave.  While I was there, I spent some time writing by hand.  Sometimes you have to do something before you realize how MUCH you miss it.  One of the things I wrote specifically for this blog.  I am not posting it tonight but I will in the next day or two.  The other is a hand-written letter to a love one that isn't finished yet.  
There is something so wonderful about sitting in the sunshine and letting part of your heart spill out onto the paper through the act and art of hand writing.  
Blessings to my Katie girl who set out on her own adventure today and her life will expand in change in new and glorious ways.  I am so happy for her!  I will miss her.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Storms will come
Back in the late summer of 2004 while living in Knoxville, TN, I pre-ordered the latest Switchfoot CD that was coming out, I believe it was Nothing is Sound for Grace. I have been on their email list ever since. Today I received an email about their upcoming release and opportunity to pre-order, Hello Hurricane. It is a great title, don't you agree?
Jon Forman, the front man says,
"Hello Hurricane acknowledges the storms that tear through our lives...this album is an attempt to respond to those storms with an element of hope, trying to understand what it means to be hopeful in a world that keeps on spinning."
Now good things are happening, my girls, really young woman getting ready to go and the winds of change are feeling kind of stormy.