Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Yada yada yada
Ya ' da is a hebrew word that means several things, one being "thanksgiving" It is our desire to be a thankful people. Dan and I sat down with the children quietly before dinner wrote our gratitude lists and then shared them with one another. Most of our life looks anything but traditional, however, our one standing Thanksgiving tradition is writing these gratitude lists and sharing them with one another (our one other tradition we broke by not having turkey - a very nice meal that Grace and I prepared but it did not include a bird).
Today I am grateful that it is a packing day. As we will leave in just 13 days. So, now that the table is cleared and the dishes are washed. It is time to fill some more boxes. Blessings to all who may be reading this post. And if you have a few minutes why not take a few minutes to literally count your blessings. PAX, CM

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

From the Chimney
Last weekend our friends the Kehoes came to visit. It was brisk out and I thought a fire would be nice. I started to make some newspaper logs when suddenly I heard a very distinct noise coming from the chimney. **Rasberry** (tongue stuck out and r she blows and echos) "Michael," I yelled up the chimney, "are you on the roof?"
"Yes." came his answer without hesitation.
"Get down from there - now."
Boys being boys, thankfully no one fell from the roof. They were simply enjoying the view and wanted to see if I noticed that he was up there with his friends Matt and Pete. I did step outside to see if everyone made it down ok and to let him know that he no longer was needed on the roof. Some time later he came in and asked if I heard the pitterpatter of growing feet. I said, no, just the rasberry.
Risk taking - I wonder where he got that idea from.....ummmmm.