Sunday, August 22, 2004

The James Madison Hotel
a Clarion Hotel in Norfolk, VA
Again we have yet to find any routine in our travels - it is always an adventure. We arrived in Norfolk at 9:30pm Friday (August 20th) night. Thursday afternoon we found out that our apartment would not be ready until Tuesday. Oops!
Sine we were all set to roll out of Tilghman for Friday - RN Network would be putting us up in a hotel from Fri - Tues.
Our housing person mistakenly booked us at a place that didn't allow pets. So at 945pm we started making phone calls. God seems to always be upgrading us to compensate for our "troubles." (I put that in quotes because I know that life usually doesn't go as planned and compared to some troubles, our are just mere inconveniences.) At 1130pm we checked in and hit the hay.
We are staying at The James Madison in historic downtown Norfolk. Originally built in 1906 as The Lynnhaven Hotel, Norfolk's first high-rise with a "lift." It is a little tight in the room but we will, as usual, make the best of it. (Katie came across a great quote, "Flexible people never get bent out of shape.") Michael camps out on the floor and we generally are able to manage our living quarters with a big dose of humor.
I must say that I was a little bummed about having to go to a hotel this time since we only had just over 200 miles to travel. Today, is Katie's 13th birthday and we got another upgrade this afternoon being moved into an even bigger room with 2 w.c. (bathrooms ie water closets) and not tripping over the dog and one another constantly. Thank God for these blessings.
Yesterday, we did have the opportunity to drop off our boxes to our new apartment and we look forward to getting in on Tuesday. Our children are truly fellow pilgrims.

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Daniel M. said...

What an experience huh honey! God really did upgrade our living quarters eh? WE went from a pinto to an suv! Thanks again for your flexibilty... you're awesome.