Monday, August 02, 2004

The City of Brotherly love!! Well, I failed to mention that when my mum was here, Dan and I went to Philadelphia for a couple of days. As we approached I was like a little kid (only behind the wheel - Dan hates to drive in the city and he is not fond of being a passenger either), the sun was setting as we neared the Ben Franklin Bridge with the cityscape in the background made my heart pound with excitement. I was ooing and ahhing and Dan was saying will you please pay attention to where you are going. It was so good to be in a city. There is a certain humm to a city. It was very relaxing. Nice to just be together. While we were away, the children took very good care of Nana.
We did visit the historic district which now is equipped with its post 9/11 security. I really look forward to taking the children there some day.
Time to get packing.

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