Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sun Catcher
This is a winter post from a wintery place and who would have guessed that I would be sun catching in December on the top of a hill.
The eastern sky showed a hint of purple announcing the coming of the sun. There were only moments to bundle up if I were to make it for the magical moment. Hurrying out to the snow covered drive way I stood shouting "Glory!" When the dawn broke I closed my eyes took a deep breath and behold I had been kissed by the sun. Removing the snow from the van I felt bathed in hugs and kisses of the newly risen sun. I couldn't stop smiling. The joy I felt being in the first light of day is not quite like anything else I have experienced in this life.
The vista from my current home is an unexpected gift. Picture perfect. A work of art. The sunrise never looks the same way twice. It is almost too sacred to photograph and too glorious to be the back drop of any shot.
Millions of fingers reach to the sky from the barren winter trees and all at once they cried out "Cover me" and the new fallen snow answered.

This post is dedicated to two friends, Becky for telling me that I have been kissed and hugged by the sun and to Gail for offering me the view.

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Grace Joan said...

I went to your blog for the 50th time this week to see if you had posted again...thinking you probably hadn't.
But you did!

And it made me so glad :)

The sunsets are breathtaking here.