Saturday, April 21, 2007

Movies that make you want to write
We just watched a movie together as a family called Stranger than Fiction
This movie made me want to get back to my book. Truth be told I can't remember if it is on a thumb drive or in one of the computers in my house (none of which belong to me. however, the one I am writing on is kind of mine because possession is 9/10ths of the law). I have a hard copy of the rough draft which I wrote during the month of November. I love my characters and the story but I need to read it and really decide is it worth working through and submitting it for publication.
The movie inspired me and I want to watch it again. It is definitely one of those movies you could watch alone. For now I must retire and return to writing not only here in blogsphere but in order to create a larger work.


Grace Joan said...

venture into the risk of the unknown!
I want to start writing again as well :-)
I love you!

Daniel M. said...

Find it and examine it. Then start the editing girl! You can do it!
You have plenty of spare time right now!!