Wednesday, June 05, 2013


ENTHU'SIASM, n. enthuziazm. [Gr. to infuse a divine spirit, inspired, divine; God.]
1. A belief or conceit of private revelation; the vain confidence or opinion of a person, that he has special divine communications from the Supreme Being, or familiar intercourse with him.
This is from Noah Webster's 1828 It just seems kind of off the charts.  
2. Heat of imagination; violent passion or excitement of the mind, in pursuit of some object, inspiring extravagant hope and confidence of success. Hence the same heat of imagination, chastised by reason or experience, becomes a noble passion, an elevated fancy, a warm imagination, an ardent zeal, that forms sublime ideas, and prompts to the ardent pursuit of laudable objects. Such is the enthusiasm of the poet, the orator, the painter and the sculptor. Such is the enthusiasm of the patriot, the hero and the christian.
I guess I will let my reader meditate on those definitions for awhile.  
It has been a full day. You might say that I met the day with enthusiasm. It is time to hit the sack. Tomorrow I venture into the unknown and that always boost the adrenaline.  
Do you think that Merriam-Webster has a definition as entertaining as these?

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