Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Last month I started reading "Wired" the magazine and oddly enough, I am reading the paper version. There is just something about flipping through a magazine that you are holding in your hand. While flipping, I landed on an article entitled, The Atlas of Dirt Stalking The Planet's DNA. These are the sentences that grabbed me and dragged me over to the computer: "Problem is, the microbes are so interdependent that isolating the most industrious organisms is tricky. "They live together in communities," Jansson says.
Now if I go back to the publishing page that lists all the people that help to create this periodical, I see at work another interdependence. In days gone by, an NCFCA national tournament program listing all the tournament staff. Go to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation leadership page and check out their team. You don't see Tiger Woods carrying his own golf bag. Steve Jobs brought us Siri but not ALL by himself. Madonna has her band and roadies. Even those who seem "strong" in this world don't make it alone.
The first time that God said something was not good in Genesis was in reference of man being alone.  Throughout the Word of God we find that God himself is three persons in One God and that man was not meant to live alone. 1st Corinthians chapter 12 describes the family of God as a body and how every part of the body is valuable. The human family continues because people have babies.

There is a dependence that every human being can agree to the need for air, water, food, shelter and sunshine. And I would content that we have a Creator who is also our Sustainer that provides for all of those things. Therefore there is something more that I need and that is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the burning fire that enables me to acknowledge that I am dependent upon God for these basic human needs. It is also the Love of God through Christ Jesus, a relationship with the living God and the friendship of my fellow human beings. We are social creatures and we were never meant to live life alone.
The first 21 years of my life, I hated being dependent upon other people and I guess you might say I resented God for setting us up this way. And now, even though I am struggling with relationships (who doesn't), I am still able to see that our dependence upon God and our interdependence with others are gifts.

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