Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bringing back the memories (more drafts)

As you may or may not know our family has been involved with Communicators for Christ ( for the last few years. Last night I took Katie, Michael, along with our friends Dominic and Madeline Penson to a speaking engagement to promote CFC. (March 2008 The website is outdated and the name of the organization has changed. I remember this was one of those last minute speaking engagements. The kids spoke with Tim Nichols of Teenpact, some place near Attleboro, MA. At the time we were living in Hull. This was the beginning of the Chapters program for ICC formerly CFC.)

My aunt use to say, I read the obits first and if my name isn't there, then I can read the rest of the paper.
George Carlin died this past Sunday and my uncle John J. MacDonald died last month.

There is no better place to live then in a home whose foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ.

(written in June 2008. Death is 100%, none of us will get out of here alive. )


Something Bigger than ourselves
There are times in our lives when we are caught up in something much greater than ourselves.
(August 2008. I am not sure what I was thinking about here. It makes me think of something my friend Kathleen use to say: "My life is none of my business.")


In another time and place.....
"What are some of your favorite stories?" the young speaker asked her audience.
"Today my sister is going to share a story with you in a different way. The Butter Battle book by Dr. Suess brought to life."
So many stories to love, to share and to read again. One of my favorite storytellers is George MacDonald.
(September 2008  I remember this event. Grace was introducing Katie at a private school assembly. My kids are pretty skilled at sharing stories.) 

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