Saturday, January 27, 2007

Young People
My children are no longer children, they are young people, teenagers. Growing up more quickly than I expected. We have had our share of struggles but all in all we are still enjoying and discipling our children. What I sometimes find hard is that I am still growing up as well. Yesterday in my spirit I felt like I was going to break but it is during those times that I think that I need to be still before our Father and remember that He is the Potter and that I am the clay, that my life is not my own that I was bought with a price, that I am to do His will and not my own.
I am so grateful for the relationships that I have with each of my children. Lately, I have been reading about and witnessing great struggles between young people and their parents. In my life, I have read many books (many more as an adult than when I was young) and some things really stick, "Rules without relationships equals rebellion" I read that in 1988 on my honeymoon (I could tell you book and the author too :-) It is not enough to lay down the law with our children, we must give them our time, attention and our hearts. It is the heart part that is the most challenging. It requires us to be vulnerable, open, honest and transparent but I am seeing how it is worth it, even when it is painful.
Today I am treasuring the time we have with our children as we can see the crossroads that are quickly approaching with our oldest - the others time is not far behind.

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