Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Body of Christ
Today I wrote emails to Mississippi, California and Washington. Just following up with some friends from the Masters conference. Our world has gotten so much bigger not just because we move often but also because of our involvement with competitive speech and debate. Our children are now also speaking out in the community and helping others to develop their communication skills while continuing to work on their own skills. It is an exciting and fast pace part of raising a family and I would not miss it for the world.
Thanks to everyone especially the Moon family for contributing to the lives of our three children. We are so grateful to God for you being a part of our lives.

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flameofGod said...

You left a message before Masters and signed as Macsgrill. I'm not sure if we met there, but I did enjoy your daughter's speech. I think I saw your husband as well.

I'm curious to know why you move so often.

Masters was a great experience. It was my first, as my first intro to CFC was this fall. I'm wondering how long you've been a part.

God bless you. My son was Isaiah-- "world dictator" and "President of Iran." I'm wondering if you remember him and/or me.