Saturday, January 20, 2007

To Serve the Master

Dan finally caught his breath and said, "Grace is in the finals for the oratorical contest and it is about to start any minute." I was just finishing ballots for another activity that I was judging. I thought, I don't want to miss this, so I packed up my things and made it into the room, just in time.

We have just returned from the Communicators for Christ Masters Conference. Each year they have an oratorical contest based on the theme for the upcoming year and the speech the students have to write is based on that theme. This year's is "One Life Whose Legacy?" All three of my children wrote a speech for the contest - three very different speeches. The final round was a great group of very different speeches based on this one theme.

Grace's speeches starts, "What shall I say?" quoting Sarah Edwards the wife of Jonathan Edwards and the legacy of this man is what Grace would be sharing about in this speech. The powerful legacy left by this one man is inspirational but so is my daughter who is growing into not just an outstanding orator but also a beautiful hand-maiden of her Lord Jesus Christ.
Grace quietly and joyfully served faithfully in several areas during this Masters Conference and several of the local team expressed their gratitude for my daughter. As a mom it was humbling and heartwarming. I am grateful for all three of my children and our oldest child is completing the shortest season of life: childhood. Words cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart for being there in each stage of development.

The results of the oratorical will soon be posted at the CFC website
Check it out soon.

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Grace said...

I had so much fun at this masters conference. I feel that God really grew me up through the service I was able to give during those two weeks.
Thanks for serving alongside me.