Thursday, January 25, 2007

Most mornings I check my email. What's in my inbox this morning? NYTimes: Scramble for the Primary Race, Truth for Life Daily: Recall God's mercies, Region 8 tournament dates, I'd like to get this (from one of my kids), Expedia, Off-topic SHFL list: Struggling with teens (shouldn't that be ON topic?), Feedblitz, among others. Checking your email is like checking the answering machine back in the days before email. We use it to communicate with one another.
Remember when it was a novelty and you would get a nice email from a friend. It is not that I still don't get those kinds of emails but more and more this is how I stay connected to the world. Recently, I was gone for 2 weeks and I didn't get to check my email. I think I have gotten through most of it, but I missed checking it. I am unashamedly technology dependent.
I'm a saver too. My husband can't stand to look at my inbox and now that I have gmail, I am even more unlikely to clean it out. On occasion I do clean it out even though gmail "says" you never have to delete any email you have 2809 MB.

On the other hand, I have friends from around the country and it is a great way to stay in touch. I also love getting pictures of the little nieces and nephews back home who we are missing growing up. So I love when I get those invites from my sister-in-law, Shosh to view her latest photos. If people are not blogging about their life then the next best thing is the pictures. Some say a picture says a thousand words.
Writing this reminds me that I still have a few new email addresses to put in my contact list. Don't stop communicating with one another, keep in touch.
Hopefully I am sitting in your inbox waiting to be read.

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