Thursday, January 04, 2007

Heuristic Home Education

The world of forensics is consuming us, all for the glory of God. Now when I speak of forensics I don't mean we are examining cadavers. However, there are people who would rather be a cadaver then take the public platform to speak. It is just amazing that I even have access to this computer at this time since my children each need to Preparing speeches writing, practicing, delivering and debates, researching, writing cases, researching, debating, writing briefs, etc.
and "does this outfit look professional enough Mom?"
"Can we go to Wal-mart?"
"We are almost out of black ink mom....(we need to go to Wal-Mart)"
"When are we leaving (translates to: how much time do I have left to memorize these speeches?)

The three young people that live and travel with us are constantly learning new things.

Discovery, questions, findings



growing up

living at the same address (for more than six months) perhaps by the next time we move they will all know our zip code.





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Grace said...

I love the American Heritage definition of Heuristic;
"Of or constituting an educational method in which learning takes place through discoveries that result from investigations made by the student."

How grateful I am that you have instilled in me the desire for new discoveries!