Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Walking through a mind field
Do you ever feel like you spend your day walking through a mind field and you just keep setting off bombs and getting blown off course? That is exactly how I felt today. Just when I thought I was back on course, I set off another bomb. We live in a fallen world, an imperfect world. This use to be a real problem.
Today, there is something that I have to accept - forgiveness. When I react wrongly to the "bombs" I need to admit that I have sinned and that I am in need of forgiveness. No this is not a new lesson. One that I just seem to need to keep learning again and again. It was only bomb number 2 that my daughter said to me, "now you said you were sorry and we forgave you, now let it go." If I am not mistaken, those were my words to her when she was quite a bit younger. WOW, do these words come back to you via your young adults??
I have survived the day and I am going to retire knowing that the Lord will continue to lead and guide me through tomorrow.

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Grace Joan said...

You have more than survived mum!
You have "survived" victorious!

I'm reminded of something Norm Koop said in one of his sermons; he said that when we have difficulties in our lives, and when we go through "hard days" where we feel like we are just being impatient, or unloving, or unforgiving, or any other bad quality you can think of, that what is probably happening is that God is growing the antithetic fruit of the spirit in us.

I love you!
(even on these days)