Thursday, February 01, 2007

Did you know that the Mullaneys actually do math and science? We don't spend all our time writing, reading, researching, speaking and debating. It has been an interesting week. My children are back into some other studies while still keeping up with their forensics. So our home has been fairly quiet with each of them off on their own being self-educated. Isn't that what home education is all about - developing life long learners? We certainly think so ;-)

On the other hand, our trip to the library yesterday was anything but quiet. There were these girls who had the giggles, you know the kind where you know that you should stop (they were in the library after all) but just can't. Then there were the unusual announcements about the surveillance system and how whoever is making the prank 911 calls from the pay phone better cut it out because the police will have the opportunity to review the tapes. Then the log in for the Internet was down and they were working on bringing it back up. As we related this story to Dan this evening Michael remarked, "The Millhopper library is not a very quiet one."

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Grace said...

The longer I live (which so far has not been very long...) the more I see the truth in the statment that htere is a time for everything. I love quiet; sometimes I think I could live in silence with my books forever. And yet, I love people so much - I know I couldn't live without good conversation, and love, and yes, noise ;-)
So there is a time and a place for everything.
(But I think the library is generally a place for