Friday, February 02, 2007

Do any of you ever watch This Old House? I was getting ready for bed Thursday night when one of my children knocked on the door and announce, "Mom, Dad is watching TOH!" I didn't responded but quickly hurried up and made my way to the living room (which is just outside my bedroom door) praying that he was actually watching and not about to change the channel. Dan was watching!! Yay!!
If you know anything about TOH, you know that it is produced and most of the time shot in the greater Boston area. The guys on the show, Norm, Tom, Richard and Roger, they make me feel at home. I can close my eyes and still get the feeling. I would say by fah(far) Rogah (Roger) has the best Boston accent. Tom would run a close second.
The projects are awesome and on ocassion, I will think "nice neighborhood" or "someday, perhaps a place like that" but for the most paht watching the show just reminds me of where I come from and it makes me wahm all ovah.

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