Sunday, February 18, 2007

My piece of the Cross
A young woman at the age of 21(we will call her Cathy) who for 18 months had events in her life that were not of her own choosing and she knew it, she could not deny it but she did not want to acknowledge that it was the work of Another on her behalf. She found herself in a spiritual pond swimming but never getting anywhere and the water was drying up. The mud sucked her feet to the ground and she found herself upon her knees, her best efforts could not keep her from falling and then not by power or might but by the Spirit she was lifted up and delivered to solid ground.
Prior to this happening, Cathy engaged in arguments that went something like this,
"you walked to the doctor" Cathy said, and her friend responded, "but God gave me my legs to take me there."
"But you decided to go" Cathy refuted and continued with, "it was your decision to seek help."
"It was God's grace that enabled me." stated her friend.
"You have to take some credit." Cathy pleaded.
"I'd rather not. God is the One who gets the credit in my book."

Determined, self-sufficient and grateful to be alive, I thought that I deserved some credit and when Jesus Christ invaded my heart when I had just come of age, I wanted a piece of the cross too. Couldn't I just etched my initials down at the bottom, no one will notice, it won't take away what Jesus did on the cross for my sin. I didn't realize that Jesus with His own blood had written my name in the Lamb's book of Life before one drop was shed on the cross. How could this be? I'm not making sense. The blood can not be used to write unless it is first spilt. In our human purely physical world that would be true but in God's kingdom, He being God, can do as He wishes. The gospel is not a menu or a newspaper, (give me the sports section, who cares who the Romans put to death today). It is the good news that Jesus came as an atoning sacrifice for our sins, to set free the captives, bring about a holy people for His Father's Glory. Jesus is The Way to Eternal Life. Are you dead in your sins and trespasses? There is only One is raises the dead.

I started out writing this blog to make a link to Monergism with the thought that either God's grace completely saves us or that we had something to do with it. That is what made me immediately think, I want my name in the credits when the story of my life ends or more simply I want my piece of the cross. Realizing that my life is now hid with Christ and I want Him to get all the glory for all that can be called good in my life.

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Grace said...

Amen Mum!
I think Andrew Murray would have agreed with you;
"If I am something, than God is not everything" ~Andrew Murray

The way you put it (etching your name into the cross) really hit never thought of it that way before.

Thanks for the amazing post (and you know I love!)