Thursday, June 03, 2004

Tilghman, Maryland
Driving up route 50 we entered Talbot County, "Welcome to Talbot County" I read the sign on the side of the road, out loud. "Here is where we will be living." We drove through Talbot County into Queen Anne's County over the Bay Bridge to the Baltimore area. Dan needed to go into Baltimore to get his nursing license. We stayed the night and then it was back over the bridge to our new place. A house on the scenic penninsula of Tilghman is where we are doing our 'fancy camping' for a least part of the summer.
Our last 2 assignments were in good size cities, not unlike where we came from, but now we find ourselves in a very different place. In a small town in the Chesapeake Bay, smalltown America, beautiful,quiet and where you need to plan what day to go into town to do your shopping and do your best not to forget anything.
It was really hot when we arrived. The house has central air and we had it cranked until it quit on us. Our landlord sent someone out the very next day and they were able to fix it. Then a strange thing happened that does not occurred in the ratrace pace of Metropolitian America - the guy stayed for 1/2 hour visiting with us, he showed me pictures of his daughters and grandsons and then he was on his way.
There is not one traffic light in Tilghman. We have to go to St. Michaels to go to the grocery store. The nearest WalMart is 45 minutes away and the cell signal is very weak here.
By God's grace I got a different phone plan this time because there is no cable internet here. Instead we have DSL. So if you want to reach me by phone, email me ( and I will send you my new phone number. You can leave a message on my cell if you want and I will call you back.

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