Sunday, June 13, 2004

Life Goes On
Declining 2 invitations for yesterday's date was hard for me. The first invitation was to the wedding of our dear Floridian friends' son's marriage to his dear maiden. These are friends we made while we were in Ft. Myers. It is always a great time for Dan and I to attend a wedding celebration. First, it is a wonderful time to remember our own wedding day and our ongoing commitment to one another. Second, we both love music and a reason to rejoice.
The second invitation was to our niece, Jamie's high school graduation party (in Massachusetts)!! Jamie is the 3rd oldest grandchild on Dan's side and it also means that our Grace is not far from this occasion herself. Not only do we always have a great time at a Mullaney gathering but we still haven't met the newest member of the clan, Joseph William Mullaney, firstborn of Barry (Dan's brother) and Mary Mullaney.
Last night we took the kids out to dinner and acknowledge our missing these two occasions, the former 1100 miles to the south of us and the latter around 525 miles to the north of us. So it is a good feeling to know that we are thought of and our presence is missed while we are traveling. It is actually more than that - - it is being loved by both family and friends.

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