Sunday, June 20, 2004

Claws, bellies and pokers
Yesterday we went to the Seafood Festival on "the Island" as the locals call it. Dan was working so it was Lenoure, the kids and me. Lenoure Mullaney is visiting us for the weekend. The kids biked over and since Lenoure has a bum foot at this time we drove over. The festival is to support the volunteer fire department of Tilghman.
Since I have been in Maryland nearly a month, it was about time I tried some Blue Crabs. I was told that if you like lobster you will like crabs. It has also been said, that if you grew up on lobster you will like lobster better than crabs and vise-versa. They were delicious but I am still partial to the larger crustacean.
Downhome kinda function...there was no fightin for a parking space, no pushin in line, everyone being helpful, plenty of crabs to go around. I know I have already said this before but I can't help it...Tilghman is small town America. The simplicity of life is a beautiful thing. No one around here is in any hurry. They just take life as it comes. These folks know how to live the principle, don't sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff either, for that matter).
What did we do besides eat? Some of the people there (probably the majority) enjoyed a live honky tonk band named Bird Dog and the Road Kings. I don't care for country but they are a very tight band, fine musicians. Michael entered the crab racing contest...his crab went the wrong way. When Michael tried to encourage his crab, the crab snapped at Michael's hand. There was no bloodshed. The girls and I just kicked back and mingled with some of the locals. It was a really relaxing afternoon down by the Bay. Later on Michael was in the parade on his bike with his friend JT.

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