Sunday, June 13, 2004

City Girl in a Rural Town
Most everyone in Tilghman owns a pick-up and a dog, we are no exception but that is merely coincidental. There is no traffic here and this morning I woke to the sound of birds chirping outside my window. It wasn't long before I heard this distant sound of pick-ups getting on there way, some to church and others out crabbing and fishing.
This morning out on my constitutional (which I have neglected for the past 10 days) I walked down a lane, which was probably once a dirt road and now is gravelled. The first thing I spotted was a wild turkey and then a deer prancing through the field. I knew that this lane would lead me to a different view of the Bay. What a view! As I approached the top of a small hill, there overlooking the water was a small family cemetery, the Lomax family to be exact. It reminded me that there is a definite southern flavor to the easterner shore (or DelMar or DelMarva if you prefer). It looked to me that the most recent burial was in 1975. These people lived together and were buried together.
On my return home I spotted another deer, it may become as regular as seeing the Aninga in FL each morning. The state bird, the oriole also made his appearance this morning and I was grateful for the company of the creatures that God has created along with the morning sun, gentle breeze and the occasional pick-up passing by.

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