Monday, June 07, 2004

Free to Be
Grace, Katie and Michael rode their bikes to the Tilghman Library which is found in the Tilghman Elementary School. I would have loved to have ridden with them but K's bike is out of commission so she had my bike. Their ride was so carefree on this sleepy little place on the Chesapeake Bay. On the way home I made it over the bridge before they did. So, I pulled into the parking lot on Camper Circle (the street we live off of) and I waited to watch them come over the bridge - all 3 of their faces indicated their happy surprise to find that they could still beat me home. "Let us go by you Mum!" Michael yelled out. Of course, I did. As I pulled out behind them, the tears welled up in my eyes. In my heart I asked the Lord to bless them with the memory of riding together onto Tilghman Island and Mum close by. Then I asked Him to etch this moment in my mind - soon they will ride off into the adult world with their Heavenly Father watching out for them instead of me.
These times are precious and are flying by. This place in MD is helping me to slowdown and drink in the moments that I am having with my children. Hopefully they are enjoying these closing days of childhood on a big adventure with Mum and Dad.

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