Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Riding the Road
Since setting out from Ft. Myers Florida I have logged over 3,000 miles on my MPV 97 Mazda (often mistaken for a SUV, it is actually a Multi Purpose Van). We arrived home late last night. Home is wherever the 5 of us lay our heads together. I was thinking that some who actually say I am crazy may be right. Actually, it is just extreme willingness to go the extra mile (pun for your pleasure and comfort, to know that it's me).
We were hoping to be in Maryland the week before we were but that did not work out. So, we moved in on 20th of May and I pulled out and headed for Massachusetts on the 26th. It was great to see those of you who we had a chance to visit and for those who we didn't see hopefully we will see you next time.
Grace participated in Teenpact and thoroughly enjoyed it. Michael, Katie and I attended the one day Teenpact class (or "Teeniepact" as our friend Jerry Stobbe calls it) that includes parents. It was my first time touring the State House of Massachusetts...I am starting to see a pattern here. Last year, we visited Nantucket while visiting our dear friends the Marlborough Grays and we had never been there before either....hummmmmm
Learning about how our government works and how we can play a role within our system was just as much for me as it was for our children.
I observed some leadership qualities in Michael that I knew were there. Of course, I made him do Teenpact but he ended up loving it. Michael and 3 other young men dominated the time used to debate some bills in a mock hearing. It will be interesting to see where these qualities will take our son in the future.

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