Friday, April 23, 2004

This morning I was listening to one of my daughter's CD's. It was kind of loud but I just kept the volume high enough for me to listen to the words. She is listening to some good stuff. It touched me and made me really think. The song said something to the effect of Dad, I am sorry that I am not perfect. It is a song about wanting your parents', approval, acceptance and blessing. I cried out to the Lord, I don't want my children to not know how I feel and think about them.
My children Grace, Katie and Michael are each so precious to me. I want them to feel like they are our treasures, only lent to us for a short season. Yes, I know they will always be my children because I gave them birth but it is God who gave them life. I also am very aware that they will not always be children. We are seeing the signs as both of our girls have become young women and Michael is not far behind. Right now they still need and want our guidance; (the wanting is there in most children, ours are just not afraid to admit it) our provisions, our care and most of all our love which is continually growing....painful at times but it is growing.
Back to the CD, it is by Switchfoot......a modern/alternative rock revival band (christians cloaked).....the music is a little hard for me to take (I say I am young at heart but my tolerance for loudness has waned in the last couple of years. Anyhow, I will listen a little more so that I can find out more about my girl Grace and let her know that she has pretty good taste. More than she knows.

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