Monday, April 19, 2004

We have been off line for almost a week. Grace has been in withdrawal. It has been more of an inconvenience for me. I do enjoy using our computer but I actually needed the break from it. So many things scream for our attention. We spent a couple of days over on the eastcoast of Florida to relax. We started at Boca Raton and made our way a little bit north to Palm Beach Gardens. We took the scenic route (that is pronounced root) on 1A through Palm Beach and West Palm. Majestic!!

In Boca we met Dan's recruiter, Michele Kluger, a wonderful person also from the North but living here full time. She treated us to "StirFry" a chic Chinese restaurant. RN Network has been good to us and Michele is the front runner for finding Dan his assignments. The rest of that afternoon we browsed the mall and then drove up north. After settling in to a place, Dan and I went to a BBSS meeting when we ran into 3 friends from MA. It was great to be with them.

Today is Patriots Day!! April 19th 1775 shot heard round the world!! Paul Revere's Ride! It is only a state holiday in Massachusetts. Shouldn't it be a federal holiday? I said Happy Patriots Day to people around here who were from NewEngland and they didn't know what I was talking about in the least. America has been dumbed down. Most of us no longer value our history never mind the freedom that we enjoy that was bought with the blood of not only the patriots of the Revolutionary War but also the patriots of each of our wars. Let us remember!!

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