Thursday, April 08, 2004

Making Connection via Virginia
This past week Grace and I attended a speech and debate tournament in Naples, Florida. Grace's friend Anne Corda from Louisiana was competing in some individual events and debate with her brother Ben. Grace did not participate :-( but I did get to judge. It was great to be there and for Grace to get inspired and desire to pursue this area of rhetoric. Monday and Tuesday I judged Lincoln/Douglas Debates. Wednesday, Grace and I got to hear some Original Oratory speeches and we heard one Team Policy debate. It was great time.

Today we met Anne, Ben and their mum, Shirley at The Bean on Sanibel Island. We had a great time visiting over coffee and ice cream getting to know one another a little more. Katie and Ben who both had been seated at either end of the table got to skateboard in the Parking Lot. Initially, Grace met Anne at TeenPact Judicial in Virginia Beach and Anne told us she was coming to the tournament in Naples.

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