Sunday, April 04, 2004

Ft. Myers Florida will only be our home for another 6 weeks. The winter has flown by and we can hardly believe that it is coming to a close. We don't know where we will be living come the middle of May but there again is where the "rugged faith" comes in. God is preparing a place for us. We are believing that God will provide a place in the greater New York City area. It is exciting to be living on the edge and to see where the Lord will take us next.

This afternoon Michael had baseball practice. We are so pleased to have Rich King as his coach. This is a guy who knows and loves the game of baseball and he wants to pass it on not just to his own son but also to all the boys on his team. Dan and I are enjoying being of assistance to Rich. Dan has done quite a bit of umpiring and I keep score for our team. Michael is learning and growing by being a part of the team. He really enjoys playing 2nd and 3rd base as well as pitching. He is starting to relax a little bit and developing as a player.

Dan and I would love to comeback to Ft. Myers next winter. The potential for becoming snowbirds is very great. Cape Coral Hospital would love to have Dan back and it would be great to have a second place to call home. We would love to spend time with a number of people that we have connected with in this area.

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