Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Someone is always watching us
Grace and I just returned from a Communicators for Christ (CFC) in Indiana. CFC has 2 websites www.commforchrist.com and www.communicatorsforchrist.com check them out. This trip was to prepare and inspire Grace for being a part of a speech and debate club in FL. Mission accomplished and much more.
CFC says you must communicate well and that you can. All of us communicate something. As Christians we have a beautiful message to communicate and we want to be able to do it effectively. No matter where we go, no matter what we are doing or saying someone is watching us. When we identify ourselves as Christians someone is watching to see what message we are sending. Let's be willing to grow in our communication skills as witnesses of the Living God.
.....much more. This past week with Grace was a building block in our future friendship. ( Dan and I do see ourselves becoming friends with our children as they grow and mature. ) Our time together was precious. Having an extended time with just one of my children is a rare thing and we made the most of it.
We walked into a crowd of friends we had yet to meet. More than friends, these people are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Grace and I were welcomed and accepted. It was fun being from MA via VA Beach and meeting people from California, Louisiana and Michigan on the border of KY and IN on the IN side. There is a quality about these people that I want for my children. The Lord is continuing to prepare and equip us as we continue to journey on the pilgrim highway.

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