Saturday, October 09, 2004

Knock a little louder with presidential authority
Today we were true participants in the political process. We went door to door with some literature to inform voters of where President Bush and Sen. Kerry on National Defense, Taxes and Health Care. The front of the hand out said "Virginia is Bush Country." Dan and I believe that our President is the man to support to continue to lead our country. Dan admires Mr. Bush's character and his values. I agree with the President on the fact that if we want to remain the freest nation in the world then we need to maintain our sovereignty as a nation. His opponent on the other hand wants to be buddy buddy with everyone around the world. It is one thing to have allies but quite another to trade our security for a world-wide likeable reputation.

It is a good feeling learning and doing with our children as more Americans ought to do. Yes, we are voting with our absentee ballots. There is definitely work involved. Anyone who may be making their decision based on a movie or sound bites may want to check out their facts at Those of you who are voting I hope you will make an informed decision as we elect the next President of the United States, the highest office of this land.

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