Tuesday, October 05, 2004

In the child rearing years there is not a lot of time for leisure but I believe it is healthy for us to make the time for it at least on a semi-regular basis. Noah Webster 1828 dictionary gives this for its second definition of "leisure" "convenience of time."
Golf is considered to be a leisure activity. Yesterday, Dan and I took the time to participate in a golf tournament to benefit Patrick Henry College (www.phc.edu) located in Northern Virginia. It is a school started by Michael Farris one of the modern-day defenders of home education. We had an opportunity to support an institution that could be a part of our future or at least the future of one of our children.
The day however was not all leisurely because we decided to make it a one day thing (we missed it by about 5 hrs. Our day started at 5 am and ended right before midnight.) We drove to the northern part of the state west of DC where both the school and the golf club are located. It was worth it. We had a gorgeous day!! Not a cloud in the sky and about 73 degrees out. We were paired with a couple of hackers so we didn't place as far as a score went but we did enjoy playing, being together, being outdoors. (I also beat out 11 other ladies for the longest drive contest - I guess I still maintain that competitive spirit in some arenas)
It was how we decided to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary(which was last Friday). I am just way to young to be married that long, which is what I will probably be saying for my 20th, 25th and even my 30th God-willing. From VB. Signing off.

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