Monday, October 18, 2004

Always holding on to Hope
Last night I showed my age and I couldn't stand to stay up and watch the Yankees Red Sox game. I think I retired sometime in the 8th inning. In the 4th inning Michael said "Mom this game is going to go into extra innings." At some point I awoke to the sound of 2 of my 3 children cheering. I thought RedSox did something right....I resisted the temptation to get up and find out what was happening.
Why did I go to bed? I am tired of heartache....I can't take it anymore. 2003 ouch, 1986 wince, 1975 so close.......the heartaches before that are probably before my time or at a time that I was too little to care. The temptation to want to read Stephen King's Novel Faithful is great. Is it even out yet?
I don't think I have lost my grit (Hearty New Englandah that I am). Fiercely, we hold on to hope in most situations. The Spirit of RedSox Nation is one of perseverance and determination. These are good qualities. We press on.....sometimes we forget to be gracious. The thing is to be firm and unrelenting while minding your manners, while caring for others, and remembering that Yankees' fans are people too. One of my favorite people in the whole world is a Yankees' fan(my beautiful redheaded daughter). We can be fans of different teams without being rude. In our home we are The Mullaneys first and family is first. This is a great lesson that hopefully will carry into other areas in my children's lives. When we find ourselves in circumstances with our backs up against the wall we still hold on to hope because we know the One who holds the future.
Life is a lot like being a RedSox fan. There are ups and downs but you keep your chin up. You don't give up. We never stop reaching to be the best. This is how life is to be lived. If you get knocked down, you don't just lie there, you get back up. You look ahead, forgetting what is behind, we press on to the goal. For the Sox that is the World championship, for us as warriors of the Most High, King of Kings it is life lived to the fullest knowing one day we will be with Him. That being said, I will now rise to the challenge of watching game 5 to the very end.

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Anonymous said...

Hey mum,
yes, life is like that. That is why no one should root for the machine like, unrealistic, 26 rings my arss yankees. :-)
--Grace (arent I so nice!)