Monday, November 01, 2004

Less Boxes, more maps
Didn't I just empty these boxes? It seems that way our time here in VA is drawing to a close and today I started packing. We will definitely have less boxes this time, as the pruning process continues in our lives. Traveling can be an art form and it is really a much more with less. Learning to live with less things is a good lesson for us.

For right now we are heading back to FL which actually doesn't require more maps at this time since we are returning to where we were last winter. More maps will be needed once we leave FL for a destination yet unknown. We have somewhat of a welcoming committee of friends and relatives who will make us feel at home once we arrive. Florida has become somewhat a home away from home. Hopefully we will get some more visitors in FL this year.

Maybe I will get another box packed before the evening is over. CM

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