Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Modern Day Storytellers

There are a group of people who are our modern day story tellers. Some tell story that only last for a season or two and others seem to be able to write a series of stories that take quite a long time to tell. Then there are those stories that we want to see again and again. Yes we want to see a sit-com, dramatic series, mystery or crime solvers. Some call it the idiot box, however like a book, it is just the means which is used to deliver the story. Television can be destructive and a life sucker, but writers do use it to tell stories.
The first season of Joan of Arcadia was well done. This show was created and written by Barbara Hall and seven other writers. For those of you not familiar with this particular story. It is about a girl named Joan who is in high school, lives at home with her mother, father and 2 brothers. God appears to Joan in the form of every day people. God in whatever form challenges, encourages, and comes along side Joan in everyday circumstances. Sometimes it looks like God sets Joan up and then walks away, leaving Joan to make decisions and take action. Joan wants to do the right thing, quite often does and sometimes doesn't, and we get to witness the outcome. All characters are engaging and you can't help but love Joan and her whole family.
I know this is not a very current series but this is the 21st century, you can rent the DVDs or perhaps find them in your public library.
So, what is your favorite TV show that tells a story?

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