Sunday, November 02, 2008

Let's Tell a Story
In my house November has become the month that each of us face the challenge to write a 50,000 word novel inside of one month. There is a global community of people from around the world who take on the challenge and encourage one another to get the task done. I have added the website to my links on the side bar.
Our return to New England in 2005 was the first year that we participated. I came up short by 3,000 words. It is by far still my favorite story and I still haven't finished it. In 2006 each of us were winners (reaching a minimum of 50,000 words). Katie wrote 2 novels that month! In 2007, I just did not commit to the task and the site has so much traffic right now, that it is taking a little bit of time to load.
So here I am at my blog letting my reader know what I will be up to this month. Along with caring for Dan who broke his foot the same night the Red Sox lost in the 7th game to the Rays. So, I am off to my other blog and then I will start my 50,000 word novel. Yes, I will write even though I am a good 30 hours behind Katie and Michael.
KEEP WRITING! (now where have I heard that before ;-)

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