Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My family consist of 5 very different people who all happen to love reading and collecting books. It is rare that each of us do not have a book going. At least a third of what we pack each time we moved have been books. Try as we may we just seem to keep collecting. We send some to my dear friend, Elizabeth to store and enjoy and then we find ourselves buying more books.
Recently, I found myself willing to put some of our books on sale at Amazon. Some of these books have never been cracked and as much as I may have wanted to read them at the time of purchase, they just never grabbed my attention. Sitting in a box or on a shelf, never having been open, the books are but blocks of paper. That is not to say that the author did not pour his or her heart and soul into the book. I am sure he or she did. However, if it is not being read or referred to by me or my family, it is just taking up space longing to be read by someone.
Other volumes hold such a place in my heart. My eyes simply landing upon the binder of a title that I have either read to myself or possibly read to my children brings back a flood of memories. The authors are my friends because they have spoken from their heart to mine.
Books communicate life affirming truths and deadly lies. We must be discerning in what we read. This does not mean that we should avoid reading those writers who we may disagree with or spew lies. Some people may choose to avoid all that contains "sin" and find themselves in a cloister. Thinking that they are keeping themselves from sin, but have they? The books that delight, encourage and challenge us do in fact promote life, growth and stimulate both the heart and mind.
There is more writing to do. I am in the back of the pack in the November marathon known as NanoWrimo.

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