Friday, November 28, 2008

Grateful Hearts
Lots of people consider today Black Friday and Thanksgiving can be somewhat overshadowed by the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season. I don't want to do that and yesterday, my family and I did what some would call, "count their blessings" and we simply call it a gratitude list, which each of us write and then share with one another.
This time some one said let's do it like boggle and see who has matches, instead of crossing the item off we simply checked them off. It added some fun and flare to something I hope will never grow old. Each of us are grateful for one another and God who provides for all of our needs along with a wide variety of things. Our identities and life experiences were found in each of the lists.
Reflecting on the concept of being grateful, I have discovered that grateful people and those who practice gratitude are rarely found complaining. I must admit when I don't remember to be grateful, my tendency is to fall into "fault finding" in things, people and circumstances. Being grateful breeds contentment, acceptance and optimism.
Instead of stealing from yesterday's list, I will come up with something on the spot. Today I am grateful to be writing this blog, I am glad to be Dan's wife and the mother of Grace, Katie and Michael, I thank God for heat in New England and air conditioning in Florida, I will not take the reading of God's Word for granted, the rising and setting of the sun, clean drinking water and fresh fruit and vegetables, the many opportunities to love other people.
I would also like to recall the first time my friend, Kathleen asked me to list 5 things to be grateful for: my knee jerk reaction was FIVE things!!! Are you kidding? I asked her. She was dead serious. So while on the phone I did my best to list 5 things, I imagine that my Newport Light cigarettes were on the list and perhaps that I was sober, but whatever else I came up with, I couldn't tell you. However, it was the beginning of developing a habit of writing a gratitude list every morning. (one that would not be a bad one to get back into)
Here is to hoping that every person who stumbles upon this blog will take time to express gratitude for blessings receive and strength given for trials faced.

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daniel m. said...

Being grateful breeds contentment, acceptance and optimism.

This line is so true. Thanks for the post. I love reading your thoughts....Keep writing!!