Thursday, April 12, 2012

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I went for a walk today in my new neighborhood. Just a quick 20 minute walk to clear my head and to breath easier and to allow my heart to pump a little harder for the right reason. Focusing my mind on the letter of Paul to the Colossians. When we write letters we don't start with "Hey it's me, Catherine" and with caller ID we don't even say, "Hi this is Catherine, may I speak with..."
Paul starts out with "It's me, the guy that Jesus got a hold of and turned my life around and upside down and my side kick Timothy" "to the Ones who are hanging onto the truth we greet you with Grace and call on God to grant you peace." The words that run through my head and I whisper loudly to myself are the ones in the English Standard Version. Now expressing just the greeting here in my own words, I wonder how I will greet and be greeted by my new neighbors. Almost every time that I am there, a car slows down to take a peak at the "new neighbors."
Today was no exception. It is hard because the lighting, I can't see the driver, I guess I could just start waving, although I must admit, the New Englandah in me likes to just go about my business and pretend I don't see them and this is NOT considered rude. Generally, I am friendly and I want to be a good neighbor. It will take time. There is no rush. Praying that we will be salt and light in this new place.
Good night.

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Grace Joan said...

Good thoughts mum.
I can't wait to see the new house! :)