Sunday, May 06, 2012

Temporary Housing

We have finally gotten to this place, our new home (....which we have said more times than we want to count in the last 4 years) and Dan says, "it still feels like this is someone else house." And I said, "that is because it is, we are just the managers.  This house is the Lord's every room under this roof." Today I would add every blade of grass in the yard, the couple of places where the hardwood is original and it gives a little squeak, kind of like my knees that I find myself more today than when I first believed and it is not just from painting the baseboards ;-), the street we live on and the plot of land that straddles the town line, He is Sovereign. As some of you know, it has been some time since we have had a place of permanency and the process of waiting has brought me to the conclusion, it is ALL temporary housing. Sure houses tend to last longer than people, none of us gets out of here alive unless you are the next Enoch or Elijah.
I have a paint brush with my name on it but I just wanted to keep this blog going.....It was a matter of being inspired by one of my favorite writers as a high schooler, Ray Bradbury. (I listened to a lecture he gave at Point Loma Nazerene University) There is just so much to say about temporary housing, eternal perspectives, home, hospitality, the arts, the power of the written word fiction and non-fiction alike, beauty in the cracks, the running of paint that you missed now "permanently" running down the wall unless you sand, prime and paint all over again, motorcycle alley, what it means "to do it right," imperfections in a "perfect place" (which does not exist in this world, by the way), etc. Yes, this is my list of just some things to write about.........

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