Friday, March 30, 2012

The Waiting
Grateful for the waiting time. Nearly four years ago, I was ready to stay in MA and the waiting is over. Dan and I bought a house that we are turning into a home, slowly. There are many things that I want to make it into a comfortable place to be at home and to practice hospitality. At the same time knowing that in the scheme of life everything that I need I already have in Jesus. Practically speaking there are things that we do need to make a house a home.
This move has come in the midst of helping my parents downsize and move into my brother's in law apartment, my oldest daughter Grace getting engaged and helping her prepare for a summer (of 2012) wedding and creating a nest that soon will be empty for more months in the year than they will be filled.
For those wondering....we are moving to a little town in Central MA. called Boylston, just outside of Worcester. We are looking forward to having a place of our own.


Art said...

=) This is happy, Mrs. Mullaney.
I want to visit. :)

Caitriona aka Catherine said...

We would love for you to visit. Let's look for a window of opportunity for that to happen.